What platforms does Appoxee support?

Appoxee supports both iOS and Android and will support additional platforms in the near future.

How complicated is it to integrate the Appoxee SDK?

It is very simple to integrate Appoxee into your app! The SDK has been built and documented so every app developer can integrate it within less than 7 minutes. A detailed documentation including illustrations and example codes is provided with the SDK. Nevertheless, should you encounter any difficulties, we are here to help :)

Will the Appoxee SDK affect my application performance?

Of course not! The Appoxee SDK has a very small foot-print and uses hardly any memory or CPU so it shouldn't affect your performance at all.

What kind of messages can I send to my app users with Appoxee?

The answer is simple: everything you can dream of! Appoxee fully supports HTML 5 so basically you can send messages including pictures, videos, animations etc. Check out our blog to get nice ideas (e.g. marry x-mas greetings, we found a bug, general message, sale!!) and download message templates for your convenience.

I'm currently using a different push service - will I have to replace it with Appoxee?

We of course strongly recommend using Appoxee as your turn-key provider for your notifications, however there is no need to replace your other push service. Appoxee works well with other SDKs integrated within apps. It has been tested in several applications.

I have an app with a lot of users. Can I count on you guys to handle a lot of users although you're in beta?

Yes! Our servers can handle pretty much any load you can give us. During our Beta phase, we're still polishing features like our wizards and simulators to help you create and manage your messages - but your users will not get affected by any upgrades and modifications we do to the service.

Does Appoxee comply with Apple's App Store Review Guidelines and Privacy Policy?

Yes absolutely. Appoxee is already being used by dozens of live applications and serving millions of users every month.

How do I get a push certificate?

To get a push certificate you can follow our SDK documentation.

Can I add Appoxee to a Tab-bar application?

Sure! Appoxee is designed to fit every app configuration. Tab bar is one of them. In the documentation you will see detailed explanations including a sample code on how to integrate Appoxee to a tab bar application or as a generic UIViewController.

Do I really get unlimited push notifications for free EVERY MONTH with any package?

Yes. If you are a registered Appoxee user, we give you unlimited push notifications and you may also send unlimited HTML 5 messages as you like. Some developers use Appoxee just to replace their previous expensive push notification service provider.

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