Campaign Management

These tools are designed to help you achieve your engagement goals via multi-message/multi-app campaigns. From waking up your dormant users with personalized push notifications, to cross-marketing other apps, Appoxee gives you a bird’s eye-view of your campaign management strategies. Use these innovative features Start here to increase your revenues.

Campaign Management Features

Campaign Creator

Appoxee’s Campaign Creator simplifies the engagement process by breaking down your campaign goals into simple steps of composing WYSIWYG messages, choosing optimal delivery times and aiming for the right users. With message throttling, rich media support and our device simulator, the Campaign Creator allows you to easily manage the flow and funnel of your campaign’s messages in a way that catches your users’ attention and achieves your campaign goals. Our user-friendly wizard will guide you through the process of creating, scheduling and sending any type of campaign message. Simple and intuitive, this feature is perfect for both the marketing novice and the engagement expert.

Campaign creator

Push Notifications Management

Push Management is an essential tool for getting your Call to Action noticed and grabbing users’ attention. Appoxee's innovative push notifications management feature allows you to automate, schedule and send out push notifications with special parameters such as Push to Rich Messages, Push Only Messages, Messages based on User Time Zone, and External/ Internal Badges

Push notification management

Rule-Based & Broadcast Messaging

Incentivize and interact with your users by sending out messages in response to specific behaviors and actions. If you’re looking to get the word out, this feature is perfect for sending out important messages out to all of your users.

Based & Broadcast messaging

Rich & Simple Messaging

Appoxee makes it easy to translate your messaging ideas into real-time, WYSIWYG messages. Whether you'd like to send an HTML message, video, image or just plain text, Appoxee provides you with a variety of options to choose from.

Rich & Simple messaging

Message Sound Management

Upload any sound file and use it to upgrade the power of your message. If you’re looking to communicate in a more discreet fashion, use Appoxee’s sound manager to ensure that your message arrives with no sound at all.

Message sound management