Data & Analytics

Let the Data Drive Your Actions! Leverage the combined power of Appoxee’s “track, measure and analyze” features. Our data and analysis tools are specifically designed to help you track, understand and visualize every element of your campaign. Use segmented results and response metrics to create newly optimized campaigns, have meaningful conversations with your users and increase user Start herelifetime value.

Data & Analytics Features

Number of Registered Users & Push Enabled Devices

number of registered users & push enabled devices

Appoxee enables you to see the number of users that have installed your app as well as how many of them allow you to send them push notifications. While fairly basic, this data is critical in determining an apps market size and growth rate over time.

Unique Users per Day with Message Overlay

unique users per day with message overlay

Learn exactly what kind of effect Appoxee is having on your campaigns. This feature will allow you to see how many unique users visit your application per day, overlaid with the exact messages you sent. We guarantee that the effect will be very clear.

Message & Geo-Based Analytics

Appoxee allows you to review analytics based on individual messages and the users that they were sent to based on where they are in the world. Find out which Calls to Action messages were most effective, where your most valuable users are located, and how to improve your campaigns based on the results.

message & geo-based analytics