User Experience

Control each and every nuance of your notifications and messages using our User Experience Features. From custom sounds to rich HTML messages, Appoxee has combined your favorite 3rd party offerings into a one-stop-shop for managing multiple communication mediums. Start here

User Experience Features

In-App Inbox & Dynamic Messaging

This feature revolutionizes interaction with users by creating an inbox within your app to which you can send rich HTML messages, super-powered by push notifications. Upgrade your attention-grabbing abilities by adding internal/external badges and custom sounds. With full HTML5 support, you can maximize the power of this feature by sending videos, images, maps, polls, surveys and more.

Dynamic messaging

Offer Wall

Appoxee offers an ‘Offer Wall’ widget that enables you to introduce your users to your other apps. Leverage existing apps to cross-market and contribute to the success of ALL your apps, as well as your overall brand-building efforts. This widget comes with its very own analytics feature to help you learn more about the effects of your cross-marketing efforts. Find out how interested your users are in your additional apps and how many times users downloaded one of your other apps in response to viewing your Offer Wall. This widget can be enabled or disabled within Appoxee app settings.

Offer wall

App Review Optimizer

Appoxee automatically identifies users that gave you a 4 or 5 star rating in their feedback forms. These users are subsequently offered a direct link where they can provide a review of your app. In addition to increasing the likelihood of receiving positive reviews and ratings on your app’s store listing, this feature also provides users with a forum where they can tell you what they really think, App Review Optimizer want and need. To top it all off, Appoxee displays all this important feedback in a simple, easy-to-read format within your account.

Splash screen

Splash screen

Interactive content can be a powerful tool in improving the efficacy of your engagement efforts. With this feature, Appoxee allows you to easily pop-up a video, HTML and image content directly to your users while they are using your app. Leverage the Interstitials splash screen to re-direct users to external web pages or promote your latest Call to Action campaign.